Early Childhood Programs

Early Childhood Programs:


Community Action Partnership of Cambria County is a Grantee for the Head Start/Early Head Start, Head Start State Supplemental (HSSAP), and PA Pre-K Counts Programs in Cambria County. A total of 440 qualified families/children with incomes ranging from below poverty level to 300% of poverty level income are served in these programs. The Early Childhood Programs are currently offered at 7  sites throughout Cambria County and include full-day and part-day sessions. CAPCC Early Childhood Programs also provides Early Head Start home based services to families in the northern part of Cambria County with socializations at the Mount Aloysius/Northern Cambria Centers or in the community. Professional Family Care Services, Inc. (PFCS) provides EHS services to the other parts of the county with their socialization in the city of Johnstown.

Numerous Services offered within CAPCC’s Early Childhood Programs may include: Education through Parents as Teachers (PAT) and Creative Curriculum, Socialization, Transportation, Nutrition, Medical, Dental, and Vision Screenings and Referrals, Disability and Mental Health Services and Referrals, Family and Community Advocacy and Partnerships, Shared Governance and Leadership, Fatherhood Initiative and so much more.

Head Start/Early Head Start (HS/EHS)

Head Start and Early Head Start programs promote school readiness and support the mental, social, and emotional development of children from birth to age 5 for low-income families. In addition to education services, programs provide children and their families with health, nutrition, social, and other services. Services are responsive to each child and family’s ethnic, cultural, and linguistic heritage.

Head Start/Early Head Start encourages the role of parents as their child’s first and most important teachers. Programs build relationships with families that support positive parent-child relationships, family well-being, and connections to peers and community.

Early Head Start serves pregnant women, infants, and toddlers. Early Head Start programs are available to the family until the child turns 3 years old and is ready to transition into Head Start or another Pre-K program. Early Head Start helps families care for their infants and toddlers through early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive services.

Head Start State Supplemental Assistance Program (HSSAP)

In addition to federal funds, state funding for Head Start services is allocated to grantees to provide services children in the Head Start Supplemental Assistance Program (HSSAP).

The PA HSSCO works to ensure the effective implementation of this program as one of the state’s strategies for building early childhood systems and access to comprehensive services and support for low-income children. The HSSAP requires that grantees follow the Head Start Program Performance Standards when serving state-funded children. In addition, partnerships with child care, preschools, and intermediate units are an integral part of the HSSAP.

PA Pre-K Counts Program (PKC)

Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts classrooms have teachers with the education and expertise to teach young children; use a curriculum that will help your child grow academically and socially; regularly review your child’s progress and choose teaching and learning activities that are best for your child; help you and your child adjust to pre-kindergarten and smoothly move on to kindergarten; and offer a small class size (20 students per one teacher and one aide) so that your child can have plenty of one-on-one time with the teachers.

Program Services

Early Childhood Development and Health

CAPCC’s Early Childhood Program’s commitment to wellness embraces a comprehensive vision of health for children, families, and staff. The objective of Child Health and Development Services is to ensure that, through collaboration among families, staff, and health professionals, all child health and developmental concerns are identified, and children and families are linked to an ongoing source of continuous, accessible care to meet their basic health needs.

The objective of Education and Early Childhood Development is to provide all children with a safe, nurturing, engaging, enjoyable, and secure learning environment, in order to help them gain the awareness, skills, and confidence necessary to succeed in their present environment, and to deal with later responsibilities in school and in life. Each child is treated as an individual in an inclusive community that values, respects, and responds to diversity. The varied experiences provided by the program support the continuum of children’s growth and development, which includes the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of each child.

Family and Community Partnerships

CAPCC Early Childhood Programs offer parents opportunities and support for growth, so that they can identify their own strengths, needs and interests, and find their own solutions. The objective of Family Partnerships is to support parents as they identify and meet their own goals, nurture the development of their children in the context of their family and culture, and advocate for communities that are supportive of children and families of all cultures. The building of trusting, collaborative relationships between parents and staff allows them to share with and to learn from one another.

We serve families within the context of the community, and recognize that many other agencies and groups work with the same families. The objective of Community Partnerships is to ensure that agencies collaborate with partners in their communities, in order to provide the highest level of services to children and families, to foster the development of a continuum of family centered services, and to advocate for a community that shares responsibility for the healthy development of children and families of all cultures.

For additional information, please visit these websites:

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Early Childhood Learning and Knowledge Center

If you have any questions regarding the Early Childhood Programs please send an email to Ann Kelly, director at:   akelly@capcc.us.

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