Board of Directors-2017

Organization Member
Section I: Public Officials
Cambria County Commissioners Tom Chernisky/David Santa

Mark Wissinger/Deb Wissinger

William Smith/Allegra Slick

State Senators Office Senator Wayne Langerholc

Kelley Peters

County Controller Edward Cernic, Jr.
State Representatives Office Rep. Bryan Barbin

Edward Porada

Section II: Private Sector
Forever Media Inc.  Laura Thomas
First National Bank of PA Vincent Strugala II
Marketing Dir. SFU  Alana Wilson
NAACP Yvonne Watkins
Wood Forest National Bank Adrienne Rosmus

Alyssa Horvath

CAMTRAM Josh Yoder
Safina-Pfarr Law Office Sheryl Safina-Pfarr
Section III: Representatives of the Low Income Sectors
Rural Target Area Group
Rural Area VACANCY

Tina Ruffing

Urban Target Area Group
City Area Anthony Penna Sr.

Patricia Holifield

Victoria Brezovic

Marilyn Roseman

Head Start Policy Council Andrea Sheasley