Board of Directors-2017

Organization Member
Section I: Public Officials
Cambria County Commissioners Tom Chernisky/David Santa

Mark Wissinger/Deb Wissinger

William Smith

State Senators Office Senator Wayne Langerholc

Kelley Peters

County Controller Edward Cernic, Jr.
State Representatives Office Rep. Bryan Barbin/Edward Porada
Section II: Private Sector
Forever Media Inc.  Laura Thomas
First National Bank of PA Vincent Strugala II
SFU-CSOR  Alanna Wilson
NAACP Yvonne Watkins
Senior Life  Barbara Penna
CAMTRAM Josh Yoder
Safina-Pfarr Law Office Sheryl Safina-Pfarr
Section III: Representatives of the Low Income Sectors
Rural Target Area Group
Rural Area Adrienne Rosmus/Alyssa Horvath

Tina Ruffing

Kate Porter

Urban Target Area Group
City Area Anthony Penna Sr.

Victoria Brezovic

Marilyn Roseman

Head Start Policy Council Andrea Sheasley