Drug Prevention

Drug Prevention

Our Prevention activities are funded by the Cambria County Drug and Alcohol Single County Authority (SCA) and are offered to citizens of all ages and income levels. Our Prevention Specialist is a Certified Prevention Specialist in Pennsylvania. The programming we offer is in line with what the PA Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs has approved. We offer appropriate Evidence-Based programs and we have good percentages of services to youth that are recurring, rather than single events such as health fairs or school assemblies. These services include education as well as alternative activities.

The Youth Awareness Program (YAP), a six-week early intervention program for adolescents who may have experimented with drugs but who have not been referred for treatment.
Parenting Wisely Programs, these groups are run in conjunction with the Fatherhood Awareness Program via the Head Start program.

The Summer Youth Program (SYP), a summer day camp providing remedial education, structured recreation and drug prevention education to 9-12 year olds.
The Tobacco Settlement funds, administered through the Alternative Community Resource Program, reimburse CAPCC for anti–tobacco activities including vendor compliance checks, education and information dissemination and participation in national annual campaigns including Kick Butts Day and the National Smoke Out.

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The Drug Prevention program is administered by Mike Messina.